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Eat Well Feel Well 2: Detox - Day 3

Yoga was so relaxing for this session....esp compared to last class's yoga which was difficult. When I was talking to Joy she said she didn't find it easy either so I felt better that it wasn't just me. Can't believe our last class is next week.

Good talk on food allergies and how to detox via elimination and reintroduction of foods. I took copious amounts of notes!

Tonight's class theme is Abundance and Gratitude.

Each class is has two parts — holistic lifestyle - taught by Joy & yoga/meditation - taught by Michelle.
  • Joy:  Freeing yourself from dairy, gluten and other common food sensitivities*
  • Michelle: Yin yoga and focusing on the heart/small intestine and pericardium/triple warmer meridians. Meditation.  and breathing exercise 2*

*The course description is from Joy McCarthy's website:

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