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Eat Well Feel Well 2: Detox - Day 2

This evening's yoga was difficult in that I had trouble holding the poses....I was off balance most of the time. Mind you I was extremely tired and a bit stiff in my shoulders plus I've had a migraine the whole week so those might all be contributing factors....idk.

The detox lecture about products with the 10 most toxic substances was great. Joy expanded on her talk at WLE which only 2 of us in the class attended so we got the benefits of having more info provided to us than those who didn't go. I got  a small handout and a few recipes on how to make your own toothpaste, shampoo and hair conditions that are non-toxic and inexpensive. I'm especially looking forward to trying out the toothpaste!

Only a few people did the homework.....why take the class if you're not going to actually participate in all aspects of it? I dislike people who do things half-a**.

Tonight's class theme is Renewal.

Each class is has two parts — holistic lifestyle - taught by Joy & yoga/meditation - taught by Michelle.
  • Joy:  Detox the body by detoxing your bathroom!*
  • Michelle: Yin yoga and focusing on the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians. Meditation and breathing exercise 1*

*The course description is from Joy McCarthy's website:
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