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Whole Life Expo 2012

When to the Whole Life Expo at the convention centre this weekend. Enjoyed it as I do every year. lady__croft and I got the lecture pass this year instead of just the show pass. I attended Joy McCarthy's (my workshop instructor on Tuesday nights) lecture on Healthy Eating from the Inside Out. Learned a lot as usual. On at the same time was Kristen Ma's (from Pure +Simple Spa) had a lecture about skin as I went to Joy's lady__croft went to Kristen's and we took notes for each other.

Also got a magnet pad for sleeping on (picked one up on Sunday as they were sold out by the time we hit their book)... .it is very relaxing and just what the doctor ordered.

My budget was tight this year and I wish this holistic show was just a bit later in the month but it didn't matter that much in the end. Up next is the Total Health Expo (not sure if I'm going yet or not) and the Yoga Conference (definitely attending this one).
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