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An Ancient Yule concert + David Tennant

Had a great day today despite being home sick.....spent the entire day watching David Tennant (not Doctor Who but a bunch of British shows he hosted or was a guest on) on Youtube...laughed so much I ended up feeling much better by ;ate afternoon.

Then I went to the Heather Dale concert in the evening. Her new show titled An Ancient Yule was a mix of Medieval and Renaissance holiday songs from all her albums and included local guest singer Sarah Calvert. I love Heather's concerts because they combine story telling of myths and legends with song!  Plus at tonight the concert was interpreted into American Sign Language so fans in the Deaf community could enjoy the show!!!

I have been to one of Heather's concerts in about 7 years as she's been touring for so long and rarely makes it home to TO. I couldn't make her last show in TO as I had another event at the time. Heather, her mum and I chatted long after the show was over and got caught up. It didn't seem as if that much time had passed since I've seen her (Heather thought only 5 years had passed lol). Maybe it's because social media negates the conscious passage of time as you feel as if you're constantly being updated on what's going on with other people.

I did end up getting some of the CDs I was missing and I also picked up her new one Fairytale. If you haven't ever heard of Heather's music you can listen at where there is a free promo album you can download or listen to samples on her myspace page !

Honestly this was one of the best days I've had in a long long time! Sometimes a bit of trivial enjoyment is all it takes to make you feel as right as rain.
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