Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Eat Well Feel Well 2: Detox - Day 1

First night of Eat Well Feel Well 2 :Detox + Yoga class.... I was happy that both Joy and Michelle were able to do a part II. The course is about detoxing for the mind body and spirit. It runs for four weeks (November) on Tuesday.

I am excited to see how I can incorporate everything into my daily routine especially the yoga with my leg injury....

Tonight's class theme is Surrender.

Each class is has two parts — holistic lifestyle - taught by Joy & yoga/meditation - taught by Michelle.
  • Joy:  Detox the mind and dissolve negative thought patterns*
  • Michelle: Yin yoga and focusing on the kidney and urinary bladder meridians. Intro to meditation*

We have leg isn't bothering me too much but we'll see over the next few days how it reacts.

*The course description is from Joy McCarthy's website:

Tags: class, wellness, workshop, yoga
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