Niviene (niviene) wrote,

at the Devil's party......

The Halloween party was fun...there was talk on the origins of Halloween and it's traditions plus ghost stories later on and lots of food and interesting people....good times my friends... met some new people there too.....wish you'd been there as you missed a good one!

Several of the party goers dressed as 'devils' and we joked that we were all relatives and greeted each other as if we were was too funny....apparently I was the best dressed devil in my business suit...idk. The girl who had the best costume of all came dressed as Demetre. She too made it herself.....our party hosts were dressed as an alien and of course another devil lol....there was this guy there who had these claws made that fit over his gloves....custom fibre glass and they felt like plastic but 100x stronger....very cool costume as he was some kind of skeleton human hybrid.....(might have been the alien's work lmao). Oh and one guy brought his dog who only had three legs named Baby and she was dressed in a pink princess costume....cutest sweetest dog.....a Maltichi aka a Maltese Chihuahua mix <3. Yay for parities that allow pets.
Tags: party, samhain
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