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International Festival of Authors

Early this afternoon we headed over to an IFOA Author panel. It was fantastic. The panel were great story tellers. I didn't know much about Jo Nesbo going into this except that he wrote serial killer novels with a paranormal twist (I think). I learned about his books from the woman at the IFOA ticket booth when buying my tickets. Nesbo is hilarious...and so well spoken....and Deborah Harkness rocks and I'd lover to take one of her history classes at the University of Southern California....

Jo told us a quick story about how he came up with one of the scenes in his novel just by listening to the sounds his waterbed makes....brilliant and warped mind LOL

It was a great time and I think next year I'll make sure my vacation coincides with the festival so I can go to more events!

panel description taken from the IFOA website.....

ROUND TABLE: Zombies, Witches, Killers and Cowboys

Saturday, October 27, 12:00pm, 2012 - Brigantine Room

Zombies, Witches, Killers and Cowboys: Visions of the Future Novel
From the supernatural to gumshoes to the undead—writers discuss what the future of the novel looks like through the nature of their protagonists.

This round table discussion features authors Deborah Harkness, Alen Mattich, Jo Nesbø and Corey Redekop. Andrew Pyper hosts and moderates.

This event is part of the Edinburgh World Writers' Conference: Toronto in partnership with the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the British Council
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