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Cirque du Soleil based their new show Amaluna on Shakespeare's The Tempest and it was fabulous - best Cirque show ever! The show consists of mostly female performers and act. If you've never seen Cirque then this is the show you MUST see and you will fall in love with the all of it from the unicycles to the uneven bars to the tight wire to areal feats and even the juggling. The Balancing Goddess act was by far the most amazing to see....imagine a mobile made of thirteen palm leaf ribs suspended by one main stick....I can't even describe it....but by some kind of physics those ribs balanced one upon the other without wires and seem to suspend midair much like the ethereal Ariel. The costumes were ever so breathtaking and if they ever want to sell these just let me know I"m so there! Think my fav costume was the Valkyries (ariel act) which was as Cirque's website puts it "inspired by the oceans, above and below the surface. Shades of blue and green evoking Scandinavia mix with shades of sky and sea". The Amazons but equally beautiful were those for the Peacock Goddess, the Moon Goddess and even Half-lizard, half-human Cali. Did I mention there was an all girl rock band playing? Awesome and reminiscent of girl rock groups of the 80s. Seriously sheer genius and pleasure at watching this take on one of the Bard's works!

Trust me it's so good you have to see it 2x. Take a look for yourself here.
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