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Camp Half Blood vs Camp Jupiter

Went to author Rick Riordan's reading tonight at the Cineplex Odeon hosted by Indigo was amazing! I can only hope to be that good a speaker some day. Tonight's reading was the only Canadian stop on his book tour and the place was packed with 600 cheering fans. If you don't know RR you should....he writes the mythology adventure series of Percy Jackson and RR was promoting his latest The Heroes of Olympus series: The Mark of Athena (#3). He did a presentation followed by a Q&A. The reading wasn't from MOA either but a new yet to be released anthology which was exciting to bet old a new story that won't be seen by the general populace for at least a year and a half. Tickets for the event was as low as $10 general admission if you weren't buying the hard copy of MOA but people were scalping for as much as $150 a pair!!! EEK

Also if you bought the book you got a free t-shirt of either Camp Half Blood or Camp Jupiter. Disney donated 1000 of these so the left overs went to those of us with general admission tix \o/. I now have a Camp Half Blood bright orange t-shirt while lady__croft got a Camp Jupiter purple one!

Very little time mentioned on the Kane series (Egyptian) :( :( :( but on the plus side RR plans to come out with a Norse series next *does happy dance*

All in all 2 hours spent fabulously!
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