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Love and marriage

So my friend Dani got married in Cuba a few weeks ago and last night had the reception for those that couldn't go down to the Caribbean....I partied into the wee hours of the night.....LOL!

Great Italian/Cuban wedding reception srsly (yes let your imagination run wild). There was so much food: an antipasto bar, a seafood bar, 4 course dinner + dessert! An open bar and the alcohol wasn't the usual watered down 1oz stuff they over charge you for at bars but at least 2oz....yowza can we say drunk in less than a few for some (ahem the groom :D).....luckily I'm not that fond of liquor but my Mojito was good and Joe let me try his Negroni (made with one part gin, one part vermouth rosso (red, semi-sweet), and one part Campari bitters). Lots of Latin dancing and dancing in general!  A samba dance troupe provided entertainment as well as a live DJ. I danced in heels for an hour and then took them off and dance some more! Yes I wore heals, an above the knee black and pink dress and people kept saying omgs you have legs! *rolls eyes* lol) Photographs and more photographs, speeches, and videos.  At 11pm they opened the food and dessert buffet (if you weren't stuffed already). I wanted to stay longer than I did but my ride was leaving so home I came.

Dani really knows how to throw a party (which we kept jokingly calling a 'shindig' lmao)!
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