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CNE and a Styx tribute!

Another year of going to the Canadian National Exhibition!

So much much shopping! Or maybe not that much shopping this year...I was frugal this year.....ended up purchasing 2 paris of Jeggings (yup get over it) full blue and cropped white for $20. A small pink quartz heart shaped pendant for a whopping $8....and a few other small things under $10. The food was pretty good....ate stuff I normally don't.....tried to eat as healthy as I could since it's all fast food. Didn't end up going on any rides but we stayed for the full Styx Tribute band called The Grand Illusion who were pretty good (and I loved Styx songs) but their very long 40 min break was a bit much considering it was supposed to be only 10 mins and they were late coming on too and they had to cut their set short! Songs they didn't sing and should have were Love is a Ritual, Best of Times, and One with Everything. I do give props as they sang Boat on the River (not expected) and I totally forgot about Crystal Ball until they started to sing it! Still being late = unprofessional imho....they aren't Styx themselves.

Needless to say we were there from 10am to about 10:30pm. Good times good times!
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