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I bought lady__croft an early birthday present of the Complete Doctor Who - the David Tennant years DVD (on sale at Sunrise Records for a fabulous price and got two free BluRays with it the DW Christmas special The Doctor the Widow and the Wardrobe as well as the classic 50s movie Singing in the Rain)... and we've been in Doctor mode for a while now since falling in love with the show over the summer when Space channel was running marathons. Eventually we'll get all of the DVDs starting with Series 1.

Tonight was the premiere of Doctor Who on Space Channel.....Asylum of the Daleks....all the Daleks forgot the Doctor?!?! I'm all wtf it's good and it's bad and I'm sure that somewhere out there in time and space are Daleks that remember him...and eventually Steven Moffat will write him back into their memory some way....cuz what is the Doctor without his nemesis Daleks?

Second they introduced character of human/dalek Oswin Osmund (sp?) and the actress who portrayed her - Jenna-Louise Coleman - who is supposed to come back as the Doctor's next 'companion'. At least they're not bringing this character back....she was too smart....much more than the Doctor and I don't like that. Tumblr was speculating Oswin was his daughter what would be the point? She can't regenerate.....I think most of them forgot she got blown up with all the other Daleks on the planet so she won't be returning. I can't say much for the actress because I don't know the body of work she's done but I think she will have a tough time replacing 'Amy Pond' Karen Gillian who is fantastic. We'll see half way through the season. I'll probably cry when the "Ponds' leave the Doctor. I think the only companion leaving I didn't cry at was Martha Jones....

The Doctor wasn't in this episode much and that was disappointing, Rory and Amy broke my heart esp when Amy said she gave Rory up.....OMG! Personally I think the episode was to showcase Jenna-Louise Coleman to the audience but I up the the 12th Doctor......Dinasaurs on a spaceship O_O
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