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Dr Who - the David Tennant years

So Space channel has been airing a BBC Dr. Who marathon on Sundays for a while - not sure how long the marathons have been going on for though. I've started watching the last 3 Sundays in a row starting with the David Tennant episodes and I'm hooked. I tried watching Dr. Who as a child but I couldn't follow the story and this from a kid who LOVED sci fi! Watching it now as an adult....omgs is this a great series! I love David Tennant as the Doctor. He's brilliant and portrays the Doctor as this slightly crazy genius but in a good way. Not sure if I'll like any of the other Doctors...guess I'll have to wait and see.

Favourite companion is Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) as her and the Doctor had good chemistry together. Yesterday they aired the At Journey's End episode and the rat bastards cut the Rose/Doctor kiss.A couple of weeks ago when Rose and the Doctor got separated by parallel universes I actually cried during that episode so I wanted them to find each other again and they did but Space Channel ruined it but cutting the 20 minutes extra out of the show. So upsetting!!! Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) made me laugh and I loved how everyone kept assuming they were a 'couple' LOL....during the episode with Agatha Christie where the Doctor was poisoned and he was trying to tell Donna viva charades that he needed salt and she didn't get it but said the drink Harvey Wallbanger instead had me ROFL! Space Channel also cut the part in Journey's End where the Doctor erased Donna's memories. I had to read about these cuts online :(

All the episodes are so interesting - a cross between the Twilight Zone and Star Trek! I wonder what's in store for the Doctor next? Guess I'll find out next Sunday.

Naturally I had to go on Wikipedia to find out more about the back story on the Doctor and the series. I did read some spoilers that I can't quit wrap my head around but I figure if I get to see those episodes great if not well.....btw can Daleks be any more annoying?!?! If I ever see one I will kick it....just sayin'

The were so many characters played by British actors I recognized. Harry Lloyed (Viserys Targaryen) and Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Carey Mulligan and a lot more.

Now I need Dr. Who icons btw....
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