Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Live Green TO Festival

Went to the Live Green TO Festival. Between lady__croft and I, we traded in about 85 DVDs at the Swapsity booth! Basics of Swapsity is that you can take used DVDs, CDs, books and swamp em for other of the same. Mix and match. When a girl saw one of our movies Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants put on the table she grabbed it and jumped up and down -  I was very glad someone was that thrilled to get one our DVDs. Its gone to a good home lol. There were a couple of people just standing around waiting for DVDs and grabbing them which was very annoying. One guy in particular had a box full of DVDs. I think he had a store and was getting them for free and planning on reselling them later it was too fishy imho. I missed two DVDs I was semi interested in because of him. Not that big a deal but I wonder who else didn't get stuff they really wanted because of this guy's greed. We did get a bunch of new CDs though so that was good.

Also there were green living booths there and I picked up a pendant of a tree carved into a coconut seed slice. Eventually plan on going to their store in the Distillery district to pick up a matching bracelet.
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