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Wimbledon & Euro2012

In Tennis:

Wow.....Rafa lost in the second round of Wimbledon today....I didn't get to see the match sadly......bit of a shocker as Rafa plays better than that... anyone know if Feliciano Lopez still in it?

In Football:

Also as Euro2012 heads into the final on Sunday we will have Spain vs Italy....I think it's going to be a very very defensive game between these two powerhouses. I'd be surprised if the score isn't 0-0 and heading into a shoot out. In the shootout it could go either way. Flip a coin folks!

I knew Spain would beat Portugal yesterday. I also figured if anyone beat Germany it would be Italy with their defensive game but I didn't think today's game would end up 2-1 ...honestly thought it would go to a shootout as well.
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