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From Stargate Atlantis to Falling Skies

Science fiction tv series are made or broken by the characters's not about fast paced plot (that does come into play) nor abut how stunningly good looking the cast is (often it is a mix) but how dynamic the charters are and how they interact with each other....these individuals form a team and often the fate of the world or worlds is in their hands.Every once in a while there comes a sci fi show that rocks my world....

A few years ago Stargate Atlantis 2004 - 2009 was such a show for me ...I loved the whole premise of it and the characters. To this day I miss SG-A. (Soon I will own the bluray and be able to watch it whenever I want :D)

Last year I started watching Falling Skies over the summer break and fell in love with it just like SG-A. Here is another show that is more than what it seems. The premise is that aliens have taken over the planet and a group of survivors - military and civilian - in Massachusetts decide to band to together and fight back. The diversity and richness of each character is unique and not everyone is the good guy. The appeal of the show is to see how each character interact with each other, with the common alien enemy and with the circumstances they've been dealt. Tonight was the 90min premier of season 2 of Falling Skies. It did not disappoint. I only hope that as the show progresses we continue to see more of the characters and their plight than falling into familiar territory by using the old sci fi safe mode of "ooh look at the spiff aliens, their ultra advanced technology & the uber cool battle scenes". We shall see....
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