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Snow White & The Huntsman

Saw Snow White & The Huntsman this afternoon. Loved it. Not your typical fairytale and I wasn't sure where the plot was going. I really liked the unpredictability. It had the dwarfs, the huntsman, the evil queen and magic mirror and even a prince etc but you might want to rethink the whole 'prince' with this movie.

I loved the symbolism within he fae and the fae forest, the troll, the stag etc = magical and spiritual

The Huntsman aka Chris anyone can look so beautiful crying I'll never know. So ya everyone needs a huntsman in their lives...just sayin'!

Want to see it again.

Snow White aka Kristen Stewart....was ok anyone could have play the role but my only problem was that she was supposed to be "life itself" and I found she lacked the "spirituality" of it to convince me of it....disappointing....really didn't see her as a "strong" Queen....

I still want to see it again though....
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