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records stores - old school style

Just bought CDs at HMV (yes I'm old school but if my hard drive goes down then I don't have to re-purchase all the music). There was talk at work about HMV pulling out of Canada due to dwindling CD and DVD sales (even though reports refute this). This bothers me to no end as I buy my music on CD not via iTunes & movies on BlueRay mostly at HMV (I refuse to own a credit card at this time to purchase online). Everything seems to be going the way of get it "online" which I am NOT a fan. I'd rather have the physical CD or album (which are making a comeback) or BlueRay/DVD. I like watching movies, concerts on my TV screen NOT on my computer.

Maybe I am the last of my kind....? I miss [as Penny Lane in Almost Famous said] "You just go to the Record Store and visit your friends!" *sigh*

Today's CD purchases included:

1. Trespassing - Adam Lambert
2. Ever After - Marianas Trench
3. Casey James - Casey James
4. The Essential Meat Loaf - Meat Loaf

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