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The Orignial Carmina Burana

Tickets to Toronto Consort tonight for the original Carmina Burana at Trinity-St Paul's church....TC is a Baroque, Renaissance and Middle Ages chamber ensemble featuring singers and instrumentalists for flute, percussion, guitar, lute, recorder and keyboards in case you were wondering. The music was uplifting and before long my feet were tapping and I was swaying and tapping my feet to songs/poetry of love, spirituality (David's fav), drinking (Eoin's fav) and springtime. This 13 & 14 century medieval poetry/songs was found in an Austrian monastery...some of the words found didn't even have music notes accompanying it and one was left to guess at what the tunes were. Still what was there inspired Carl Orff to write his own version Carmina Burana! Those songs were very different from what we heard tonight.  Did I mention how much I love concerts like this? The music speaks to my soul (as does Rock 'n Roll LOL).

Next years line up is exciting with The Tudors, Daphne and Apollo, Purcell, and one called A Woman's Life featuring "projected imagery, exploring the lives and talents of women composers and singers from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and early Baroque" which sounds promising!
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