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Rogers loss is TIFF and Netflix's gain

Yesterday I heard on the morning news that Rogers was getting out of the rental of DVD business. They said it was because people are watching online and via ppv rather than renting which I don't buy for one nano second because our Rogers was always busy!!! Something is a rotten in Denmark my friends.  Naturally I was shocked and upset since I rent a lot of DVDs especially when I don't want to go to the theater to see it. It was also where I found a lot of independent, foreign, or straight to DVD movies that I wouldn't have known about otherwise but are actually good films. Now I will never see these. Maybe I just have to take time off and go to more TIFF movies in September to see the gems I'll be missing. Plus the rat bs didn't even give anyone a heads up that this was coming. So later that afternoon I popped in my local store to ask a few questions only to be told that it was effective immediately and that the sale of their used movies had been going on since Monday!!! So I hightailed it home to let lady__croft know and we headed over there to see if we could get any movies.

I did get a few of the BlueRays I wanted Conan the Barbarian and The Bang Bang Club, Hellboy II, The Adjustment Bureau and Anonymous and a few others.... I wanted Blue Crush 2 on BlueRay but they only had it in regular so I scooped it up until the BlueRay price drops. Also picked up a few of the regular DVDs particularly Bright Star which makes me cry but I love the Keats story! Sadly they didn't have Thor or Star Trek or Hugo :(

I guess at some point I'll have to look into Netflix....
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