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Yoga Conference and Show at the Convention Centre

Realized yesterday that the Yoga Conference and Show at the MTCC was this weekend so after picking up free passes from a yoga shop in the EC headed over there this morning. Lots of vendors to check out....ended up with some jewelry (admittedly a weakness), a new Doreen Virtue Angel card pack, one-of-a-kind hand printed pale blue, green & purple yoga pants, a new Yoga mat & carry case for work along with a couple of Yoga and Kickboxing DVDs from GAIAM plus a FinFree t-shirt (save the sharks) from United Conservationists who were awesome btw and doing wonderful work for the conservation movement on all levels....please check them out!

So now I'm all Yoga'd out...ok kidding.... I'm tired but I love my yoga!!!
Tags: conferences, conservation/environmentalism, yoga
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