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Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor...

This afternoon I along with lady__croft and various fans headed to the theatre to watch the Hunger Games based on Suzanne Collins books. It's Ancient Rome & Theseus (tributes) combined. In the books Some parts were changed just a bit I didn't like Haymitch at all in the novels but in the movie he's100% better. I was a bit disappointed by the "chariot on fire" scene as I expected more in the movie and it could have been spectacular special effect but it looked like flames shooting out the back rather than Katniss and Peeta on fire so that part was much better describe in the books. Cinna was underplayed imho compared to the books but he was very likeable. I cried at Rue's death both in novel and movie....I still don't known why it affects me so much. I really liked the way Liam Hemsworth portrayed Gale even though his part was very small...something about it was very believable especially when he was talking abut the Games themselves and how he felt about them. The only thing in the movies I wish they'd shown was reactions to what was going on in the games form family and the tribute crew etc. Only limited reactions to what was going on was shown. The books are in first person so you can't ever know what was going on beyond what Katniss was experiencing but you can do that in the movies and this was a huge opportunity to do that. They producer/directors could have asked Ms Collins to help write that part to make it authentic even if not in the book but alas it didn't happen. Still an overall a good adaptation of the books into a movie all things considering.

Gale is my favourite character so far but I am just now starting reading the other two books Catching Fire and will follow with Mockingjay. I read HG about 2 or more years ago. I was waiting until the paper backs came out to read the other two but they're still in hardcover and I've since bought an eReader but I refuse to purchase the ebooks because I have HG in paperback and unless I absolutely love the book(s) I'm not having more than one copy type - it's either or. So I've now borrowed lady__croft's old ereader as she has all the copies as ebooks.

Go see Hunger Games even if you're only curious about what all the hype is about lol!

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