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More John Carter :D

I keep promising to post pics I took of the subway posters from the John Carter movie....and here they are! Warning pic laden....

The first one of the 'white apes' is at Queen subway station and is so massive I could barely get it all in the camera.

This next one of John, Dejah and Soja riding in the desert is also at Queen subway station but on the track side across the platform. You can see the train passing by in the opposite direction behind it as I snapped this lol.

The small 'white apes' is at King station (my stop). I couldn't take a very good pic of it as I was standing at the edge of the platform any further and I'd be on the tracks lol.

Last one is the posters J got for me:

There are a bunch other posters out there but I have no idea if they were released en mass or just used for a specific event and I know a few different ones were used for the international movie release.
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