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AGOT exhibit

Went to see the A Game of Thrones exhibit this afternoon with lady__croft. We weren't allowed to take pictures :( :( :(

Lots of pictures from the set on display along with costumes, weaponry, sigils on flags and swords, & even Ned's wax head on a stick. Daenerys' costume was very small and also Melesandre's red dress and crown were cool. Jon Snow's costume had all this white stuff on it although I have no idea what it's supposed to be....I'm going with snow or possibly bird poop lol.  They even had interviews running on 3 screens.

I did purchase a t-shirt that says Khalisi in olive green and a Targaryen sigil mug. George R.R. Martin will be giving a lecture on AGOT tomorrow night but the event has been sold out for weeks!

After the exhibit I zipped to another floor to see some more sci-fi costumes from orhwe major movies. There are red leather pants in there with my name on it LOL. I have the exact same design but mine are microfiber lol. I want the leather version stat!

Then we went to stand in line to take free photos on the Iron Throne but it was an hour and half long wait so we skipped it and headed over to the shopping mall instead where I picked up a new bag and a Donovan Greatest Hits CD \o/ I will be listening to the song Season of the Witch non-stop tomorrow.
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