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John Carter of Mars is 100 years old

On Feb 28, 2012 on my way to a medical appointment I get off at Queen subway station and stop dead in my tracks. Right in front of me on the wall of the station is this HUGE ad for John Carter (of Mars) - it was the one with the 2 white apes. I knew there were some posters out but this thing took up almost half the subway station wall - absolutely huge!!! I just stood there in awe as the movie is based on book (actually a series of books) A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (he also wrote Tarzan btw) which I loved as a tween. The Barsoom series as it's known is old school sci fi and inspired one of my very fav author's Ray Bradbury along with George Lucas of Star Wars and others. Burroughs created flying space craft, cities in the skies, and the existence of Martians over a hundred years ago long before most of the sci fi fantasy greats were even born!!! (Just yesterday I was in Rogers Video talking to the guy at the counter about movies and John Carter came up and he didn't know any of this and he claimed to be a huge sci fi fan...idk...I weep for humanity.)

I reread the series a couple of years ago and still found it as engaging as when I was younger, Therefore you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I found out it was being made into a movie. Now as the movie opening date is now drawing nearer - March 9 (just one more sleeps lol) - there are posters all over the city which makes me happy as I've been looking forward to its big screen realization for a long time. Burroughs' characters are so unique and interesting I can only imagine what it will be like to see it 'come to life" so to speak plus with Taylor Kitsch as John Carter it just can't get any better. I loved Kitsch in The Bang Bang Club and he brought Gambit of X-Men to life like no other and when I eventually got around to watching FNL I was sucked in by his portrayal of Tim I expect Kitsch will bring something special to John Carter as well.

I tried to watch only the 3 initial JC trailers that came when the movie was announced so as not to spoil anything before I go to the theatre but then I caved and watched some of the newer ones which I've linked to below. Now I just can't wait until this movie's release. Put it his way it's being show in 3D and if I can't find it in 2D then I'm willing to brave getting a migraine and see it in there ya have it.

Honestly I haven't been this excited about a movie since idk when. And you can bet I'm going back to Queen station to take some pics of "the wall" lol!

Oh if you didn't catch BT the past Wednesday June 7th Taylor Kitsch was on talking John Carter with Dina Pugliese and the interview just wasn't long enough imho. I should have gone down to the tv station and got TK to sign my book and 'eReader' copies (yes I have copies on my Kobo too) but alas I'm not the stalker type unfortunately.

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