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Mayans, Gemstones & the Spa oh my!

Headed over to see Maya: Secrets of their Ancient World at the ROM with lady__croft this morning. Arrived around 10:30am.....fascinating exhibit and a definite must see for anyone interesting in ancient cultures. Lots of info on a culture that often gets confused with the Aztecs and the Incas. Not all Mesoamerican people are the same! There was a lovely statue of their Moon Goddess with a rabbit on her lap. I think it's so interesting how the Maya saw a rabbit in the moon's face where we see the "man in the moon". Some of the artifacts on display had me scratching my head after reading the plaque accompanying it as I just couldn't see entirely what was supposed to represent. For instance there was this one limestone lintels (blocks placed on top of doorways) depicting a royal blood letting ritual where the woman ran a rope along her tongue (clear enough) and the man had a long sharpened bone to pierce his foreskin of his penis with (not so clear imho). I'm looking at the images of the king and thinking ok I just don't see it...ya he's holding a long pointy stick but nothing else about the image suggests to me anything like what is described but I digress what do I know really. Also the jewelry was so pretty....lots of jade and turquoise pieces which naturally I gravitated towards. The exhibit has up the Mayan Calendar counting down to 2012 which isn't the doom and gloom some new agers want to believe it just means an ending to that cycle and onto another one. The Calendar Round is fairly simple to understand but omgs the Long Count is confusing as all heck! I loved playing with their interactive writing/glyph display which had an inscription and you could touch each glyph to see what part of the inscription it pertained to and once you knew what order to read them in it was easy. About 3 hours later we were finished and checked out the cacao displays and I had to bite my tongue when the woman was talking about genetically modifying the cocoa plants to allow them to grow in areas other then Central America. The chocolate tasting was the best part...everyone should try Mayan Chocolate with chili peppers - YUMMY. Needless to say I did not get my picture taken with a Mayan High Priest but I was tempted lol.

At the sounds of my rumbling stomach headed to get some food and then wander around the museum some more.....on the must see list as always was the Egyptian wing naturally and then pop over to say a long over due hello to the statue of Dionysus. Also checked out the bat cave (hasn't changed) and the new Dinosaur section....there was this one (forgot what it's called) but the tail was incredibly long - it took up a good portion of the area. Ended up at the Teck Suite of Galleries: Earth's Treasures....yes I could sleep in there....lots of crystals and gemstones for me to gawk over and I was loving my knowledge of the common names of many a gemstones that were labelled with their "scientific" name ie. Anorthite is better known as labradorite and Elbaite aka tourmaline! I was a kid in a candy store only made of semi-precious stones instead!

Finally ended up at my fav spa Pure+Simple Yorkville location (I usually go to the Eglinton local) to pick up much needed products and book that all important appointment that I call the "torture" spa treatment that I've been putting off for no other reason than time....and we headed on home. Going to sleep like a baby tonight after walking around for 8 hours straight.
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