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Fender bender

This morning I was in a minor (thank the gods) car accident while getting a ride into work with a co-worker on the DVP. I"m OK but very shaken and in shock (I cried a little to be honest). My neck and shoulders are a somewhat sore that's all. Plus I had a little bit of a headache that comes and goes but mostly it isn't bothering too much right now. My coworker was shaken as well as it was her hubby's car. She kept telling the officer that came to do the investigation that "this is my husband's car". In a nutshell we were in the right lane and a dump truck in front of us was going very very slow and his lights were flashing and he was driving half on the shoulder and half in the right lane so we slowed as well then tried to get into the centre lane but no traffic was slowing down to let us in. Suddenly POW we were hit from behind. The back of my coworker's car had the fender fall off while the driver of the other vehicle had to have his towed as the front hood was mangled. The police came and everyone asked us we were ok. The officers were nice, the tow truck guys and the guy in the other vehicle were very concerned for our well being). We had to drive off the highway so we didn't block traffic more. They then took everyone statements and filed reports for insurance etc.We found out from the officer that the dump truck had engine trouble and he was trying to find a larger shoulder to pull over as his truck was so big (in accordance with rules of the road & driving) and the driver of the other car told the officer he came off the Queen entrance ramp at the speed limit of 90mph and was trying to merge with the cetnre lane traffic. When he saw my coworker's brake light and tried to brake himself there wasn't enough time and he hit us. The officer charged the driver of the other vehicle with 'careless driving' and nothing to my coworker nor the guy with the dump truck as they were not at fault. Officer mentioned that the driver of the car may go to court to fight it and we might be subpoena to come to court anywhere from 3-6 months from now if he does. (I think his lawyer About 2 hours later my coworker drove me home as I was too shaken to go into work.

The weird thing is that last year on Feb 9th I was in a similar accident.....
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