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Hair - Mirvish Productions

Went to the Mirvish matinee production of the musical this the clothes and the peace and love lol. This production wasn't as good as the one I saw previously. It focused more on the "group" as a whole rather than the individuals within. More a bunch of people hanging out vs a bunch of people with a cause of make love not war (see previous production I attended in 2006) It was as if the audience were only given a voyeuristic peak into a bunch of people who were just hanging out at a demonstration rather than feeling as if we were friends with each character and believed in their cause because it was our cause too. Still the music is fun and the singing great and the clothes rocked so I can't fault it too much. Did I mention how much I loved the clothes? I need to purchase a few of these STAT!!! Ya I was born too late....should have been a pseudo hippy LOL.

Afterwards on the walk home with lady__croft we ducked into Second Cup to try their Mint Chocolate Coffee (ya I got decaf)...been on a big of a coffee kick this month...idk...need to break free but it makes me feel somewhat human although I don't expect anyone to understand that.

Btw it rained....not a snowflake in sight for!
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