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Movie rentals

Rented BlueRay movies the week and finally finished watching them:

1) Fright Night - remake of the 80s cult hit. I didn't particularly like the original btw - it was ok but nothing to write home about if you know what I mean. So you're wondering if this Fright Night was as good as the first one?....It was marginally better. The original vampire more charismatic than Collin Farrel's portrayal of Jerry (the movie poked fun of the name too) which reminded me of a creepy serial killer which I'm not sure they were going for. I think the producer/director wanted charismatic and dangerous but sexy vampire but didn't quite pull it off. Then there is the character of Peter Vincent which the enigmatic David Tenant portrayed as a cross between Chris Angle and Russel Brand just BRILLIANTLY!!! OMGS I loved everything about this campy! Peter Vincent needs his own sequel movie and David really needs to wear leather, long hair, black nail polish and eyeliner more often...just sayin'.

2) Cowboys and Aliens. Ya I didn't want to see this in the theatre thinking it was so unfathomable to cross the two genres of Sci Fi and a Western but it worked...really I didn't hate it...actually I was on Daniel Craig's character's side rooting for him to kick alien butt and well Harrison Ford's played someone who at first seems so mean and evil and you're going wtf it's Hans Solo/Indiana Jones wtf but he redeems himself at the end of the movie and you breath a sigh of relief. The interviews with Harrison in the bonus section on BlueRay is worth it alone...that man is HILARIOUS!

3) The Help....thought this would be funnier than it was. It was funny don't get me wrong but those scenes were interspersed with really sad moments. It disgusts and deeply saddens me to think that humans treated each other so horribly because of the skin colour. As a species I'm ashamed of us really when I think of it so I try not to. Emma Stone is thoroughly likeable and adorable in her role as Skeeter Phelan. Octavia Spencer (Minny) and Sissy Spacek (Missus Walters) were hilarious. I didn't recognized Bryce Dallas Howard at first but she played the thoroughly unlikeable Hilly Holbrook so well. I kept confusing her with Jessica Chastain (Celia Foote) who was sweet you couldn't help but like the Celia Foote character as well as her husband Johnny Foote (Mike Vogel) who wasn't nearly in the story enough.

You'll find something to like in all of them...I did.
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