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Holiday shopping

Today after work I went Christmas shopping and finally found a kettle for dad (which he's been asking for). I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find it as he wanted a smaller one that the average kettle. Wanted to eat at Big Smoke Burger in the EC as they organic burgers on whole wheat (were out of btw) buns then lady__croft remembered there was another location closer to home and luckily they had the ww buns. She reminded me that sometimes when a door closes another opens (message from the Universe in a gentle way?). We had a great time sitting there going through LC's new South America travel brochure she picked up and listening to awesome music from the satellite radio station Sirius Classic Vinyl NOT all this boring Christmas music. Good times my friends good times!

I still have presents to get for Candy and LC but I can pick those up easily enough in the next couple of days.
Tags: holidays, yule
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