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Pure + Simple spa day

For my birthday in October lady__croftgave me a Gift Certificate for a Chi Facial at my fav spa! I used the GC today to get their newest facial called: Chi Energy Facial. It's a 75-minute holistic facial that includes a 15-20 minute detoxification stomach massage (Chi Nei Tsang aka organ reflexology points in the abdomen). Remember back in XX I went to a lecture on Chi Nei Tsang....see here. Anyway my sensitive point was the kidneys which is the focal point of unexpressed anger or hanging on to anger. Anyone who knows me knows that any anger I hold is for one specific something and I'm learning to ignore said something although not easy. My estitician taught me how to use my finger on that reflex point and although it won't resolve the anger it will help wtih detoxification in my body. Pretty cool. I liked this facial very much and would get it agian but I'm still partial to my Nirvana facial which has the body massage (not just stomach). I love spa days!!!
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