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Eat Well Feel Well Workshop - day 6

Today's session was:

Detoxification | Yoga: Twists/Inversions/Looking At Things From A New Perspective

No word of the day this week either. I tried to focus on just letting go ...

Joy wasn't there to lead the nutrition portion as she had the flu so Suzanne our alternate nutritionist lead instead for the first time and she did a great job going over detoxing.

The yoga was phenomenal tonight even though some of the twists were really challenging but I felt amazing afterwards especially since earlier today was made of tiredness and general feeling of wtf am I doing all this for type day lol.

Normally in between Nutrition and Yoga we have a 10 minute break which is usually filled with trying to get questions in to either Joy or Michelle or Suzanne along with most of the other students. Tonight though I decided to go dip my feet in the hotel pool (class is held at the Ritz Carleton's yoga studio). It was 10 minutes of bliss! I really need to get myself to a pool STAT. I miss swimming and I miss being near water which is very soothing and healing for my soul.

Sad though that this was the last workshop. I enjoyed these sessions immensely and I learned some new things along the way. I'd recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to improve their health even the slightest. Now I need to find another yoga class or maybe bellydance class or just schedule a pool visit on a weekly basis....starting in the new year of course.
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