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Christmas Market

Went to the Distillery to check out their Christmas market  - got lost in all the booths selling everything from food to jewelry, and one of a kind crafts! Reminiscent of Vienna, Germany and Scandinavia at Christmas time! There were two actual reindeer there for everyone to enjoy as well as a maze that let to Santa for the little ones (ok I did go through the maze I just didn't end up at Santa's house lol). There was a HUGE Christmas tree in the small square and a stage for performers. Plus tons of food.....Lugano's meatballs = YUMMY!!! Bought a little chocolate too at Soma for a treat over the holidays.

Convo'd a little in Spanish with one of the coin vendors as he asked if I was from Chile lol.  It was freezing out but worth the walking outside!

Picked up two dolls dressed in red clothing with elf hats crafted in Germany. I named them Gerda and Kay after the characters from The Snow Queen by Hans Christen Anderson. Was only going to buy one because I thought both were girls then I realized one was a boy and I couldn't separate them.

Aren't they cute?

Using them as Christmas decorations!
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