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Eat Well Feel Well Workshop - day 5

Today's session was:

Whole Foods & Superfoods | Yoga: Backbends/Opening Your Heart

Didn't get a Word of the Day :(

We went over some common superfoods which I already know about so nothing new was covered here for me....I asked about maca powder and taking it on a daily basis and was told I should alternate week instead with one or two weeks on then the same about of time off...

As for the Yoga session I really needed the backbends because on Sunday I woke up with pain in my upper back that hasn't gone away's prolly stress related (what else is new) or I pinched a nerve. The moves helped. I also noticed that I had trouble breathing with some of the moves particularly child's pose and a couple of others. I asked Michelle (instructor) about it after and she asked me a couple of questions and it seems that maybe I"m getting congested because the moves are opening up these areas and the congestion is the stuff coming to the surface to be released. Plausible....unless they used some kind of floor cleaner I'm developing an allergy to lol...who knows. I'll go with congestion and release.....

Next week is our last workshop :(
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