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Conan the Barbarian

Rented Conan the Barbarian...just finished watching it. I saw the original with Arnold S....wasn't impressed but we've come a long way in story line and special effects since that movie. The action sequences in this new Conan with Jason Momoa....were cool and the swordplay was just fantastic. Plus watching Jason again on screen made me very nostalgic for my fav Satedan Ronon Dex.....*wipes tear*. The last shot of the movie is visually stunning. Something in this man speaks to my "primal" side. idk can't explain it.

I was a little taken aback when watching the special features on the BlueRay disc it was mentioned that Robert E Howard who wrote the original character of Conan for pulp fiction magazines committed suicide in his 30s. I didn't know that. His suicide note was in the form of a poem. It was too bad he didn't live to see his character come to life on the screen and become a cult hero.

Now I really can't wait to see the John Carter of Mars series coming out in theatres March 2012.  Dang I need to go to Comic-Con...just sayin'.

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