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Eat Well Feel Well Workshop - day 4

Today's session was:

Live stress-free & sleep better | Yoga: Balance/Adaptability/Alternate Nostril Breathing

Word of the day out of an envelope. POSITIVITY

So you know how last week I got the word Silence? Ya well I should have listened to the damn message and kept my big mouth shut during a meeting a few days ago and saved myself a whole lot of grief. So as this week's is positivity I will keep an open mind and hope and expect the best. It'll all work out somehow.

Tonight I did not participate in the yoga portion of the class. I was feeling under the weather (moon time) and so I just lay down and breathed through the whole session. I did ask Michelle if she would email me the poses to try at home as they looked really interesting and challenging and she said she would \o/ - I honestly wasn't going to ask thinking that it would be too much trouble for her to do but then I remembered my word of the day positivity and thought why not ask she might say yes and she did!!! We also learned Prana breathing through the nostrils (I kind of knew how to do it but I wanted to be sure I did it right) as opposed to the Ujjayi breathing (which is my fav - I like the sound of the ocean what can I say).

As for the nutrition session: Stress...oh boy is this a BIG one for me...I'm am the poster child for stress but I am also the poster child for how to over come it....well I will be....I'm half way there....I've come a long way since April let me tell ya! I will be stress free for the 2012!!! THINK POSITIVELY (see it's working already). Lots if info there and I have to incorporate it into my already healthy lifestyle....I've gone down in size since April and some of the initial loss was stress induced but now it's because I'm doing all the right TYPES of exercise, getting the proper amount of sleep, dealing with stress in a different way: breathing techniques, meditation etc and nothing to do with food as I mostly ate well anyway with a few tweeks (breakfast) here and there. Don't worry I won't fade away just yet lol - it's in all the right places well except the breasts *wants to smack maternal grandmother for their size and the fact that it's the LAST place I loose weight from and the first place I want to SIGH*

Like I said....It's all a good way.
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