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Whole Life Expo

Made the annual visit to the Whole Life Expo. I really like this trade show. A lot of my fav nutritional and super foods could be purchased at a good discount off the retail price so lady__croft and I stocked up! \o/. Also got some organic raw chocolate covered Peruvian Golden Berries (heavenly and low GI too!) Some new and interesting booths this MIchael Moon a talented musician whose cds are just so amazing.Yes I bought one of the 5 he had for sale. Some people were selling coconut sugar which has a really low glycemic index and load of 35 which doesn't spike your blood sugar as compared to honey at 55 and white refined sugar at 70. It tastes yummy. I ran out of $$ and couldn't find an ATM for my bank in the neighborhood otherwise there were a couple of crystal healing and Akashic record treatments I wanted but couldn't get and the people who performed there worked out in the boonies and I'm not trekking to Clarkson for it either. There's always next year.....note to self: BRING MORE CASH as not everyone takes debit card.

Also got stuff at my fav spa who has a booth there every year. I know I can get their products any time but it was 15% off so why not splurge while they are conveniently right there.
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