Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Eat Well Feel Well Workshop - day 3

Today's session was:

Foods and emotional health – Nourish your soul | Yoga: Hip Openers/Letting Go

Word of the day out of an envelope. SILENCE

Today was frickin' cold and the class was sparsely attended. Even the yoga studio was cold and I had to put on my polar fleece jacket. Did I mention we have to keep a food diary for these classes? Obviously not on the first day but we did hand in our first ones last week. Great feedback and I have to incorporate more Grains into my diet. I don't eat enough brown rice or quinoa etc. I don't usually because I am only 1/4 plate portion which makes it difficult to cook such a small amount. I must figure out something here.

Some of the Yoga Yin hip opener poses I found really challenging today. Maybe it was because I was so tired (I'm had meetings after meetings for 2 days straight and another long one tomorrow) or maybe it's because we were holding the poses for a long time...idk. Hip Opener poses is all about letting go thing which I have trouble with so maybe it's that....again idk. I think I modified about 3 of the poses and didn't hold a few for as long as Michelle intended.

I am looking forward to next's week class on being stress free, good sleep, and the nostril breathing amoung others!
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