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useless meetings @#$%&*

This has been a week from HELL. Meeting after pointless meeting for 3 days straight. I'm at the point where I just look at him and laugh because he's so clearly incompetent that it's a joke. Sometimes though I want to scream and kick in frustration. Not sure how someone so stupid can be given so prominent a position but then again I supposed those that put him there don't want to admit they made a HUGE mistake...and if everyone is snickering behind their backs maybe its time to admit they screwed up and suffer the consequences or in this case things would get better not worse. I doubt they'd see it that way as their reputations are on the line so they hide their heads in the sand instead and pretend the problem doesn't exist. Their reputations are shot anyway so why not admit the truth? Yet here we are left to suffer with the idiot regardless...FML
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