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JCSS in Stratford

So lady__croft and I booked with Mary Martin Tours to go to Stratford to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Avon Theatre. It was such fun.....take the day off work, board a bus at 9:30am, lunch at Pazzo Ristorante Bar and Pizzeria (the food was pretty good), 1hr shopping time, JCSS at the Avon, board bus at 5:30pm and into TO by 7:30pm. All in all a pretty good day and BEATS WORKING LOL.

So first shopping - bought a scarf the kind that double loops over your head, and a labradorite bracelet plus a small stumble stone serpentine crystal.

JCSS was fabulous and so were our seats!!! 4th row centre from the stage (did dance of joy)....the production centered on the singing instead of on staging the show, the acting and dancing. It just made the whole show that much better. Have to say Judas upstaged Jesus in singing even though both were amazing. JCSS is the kind of play, if you haven't seen it, that is performed by singing entirely without speaking at all so getting the music and vocals perfect will only enhance it and just amaze you when you watch it. And Stratford did just that which is why I'm sure that Broadway came calling and is taking the entire cast rather than just the principle "actor/singers". I now want to go to NYC to see it on Broadway....road trip? (Only I wish it was a Christmas instead of in the spring).

After the play we bought Josh Young's CD (he played Judas) at the theatre store.....then met him in the lobby where he signed it for us!!!  We congratulated him on a great show and then spoke about how JCSS was going to Boradway etc. He was sweet as pie (actually almost shy really) and looked much younger up close than on stage!

The woman who was our tour host from MMT was great and very service oriented...I'd take another trip with them at any time plus she gave us all cookies on the bus LOL.

Edit: His CD is fantastic...his voice for Heaven (from JCSS) just blows me away!!!
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