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lady__croft and I went to visit w/amdisa today to celebrate her birthday (albeit belated as it was on Oct 16)! She cooked a fabulous dinner and as always there was way too much yummy food!

We ended up discussing the paranormal lol! It started when at dinner I reiterated a story I'd heard on C2C regarding the 'wolfman" or 'dogman" or "werewolves" whatever you want to call it which in turn had us listening to some clips from C2C about the same story and another one about Mel's Hole and a sheep....and naturally discussion on the weird, paranormal and aliens ensued! All in the a great visit but as always way too short. Wishing amdisa lived in TO but maybe soon she'll move back to the 'city" instead of the 'country'.

So the story goes like this in case you're interested....

This middle aged couple who were both professionals (ie. Doctor/Professor/Psychiatrists etc) rented a beautiful house by a lake in the state of Maine. They wanted a quiet peaceful setting to get away from the stress of their working lives while on vacation. Large evergreen trees and forest flanked the property and often low lying mist would come rolling in off the lake. The couple always sat out on the porch late at night to drink coffee and watch for deer as there was a pond just at the bottom of the property where often the deer would gather to drink. The wife kept a high powered flashlight with her to check for the deer. One dark moonless night as they sat drinking their coffee the husband felt that something was wrong. He told the wife to go inside the house but instead she decided to turn on the flashlight and see what was out there. As she aimed the light there advancing stealthily towards them - stalking them - were three creatures. As they light hit them they froze, their eyes glowing similar to the way cats do then they headed towards the side of the house. They looked like wolves but were walking upright on their hind legs like man does. The husband wanted to get his guns but they were locked in a shed. He would have to pass the creatures to get them. He saw that the wolves were 7 feet tall as they were the same height of the shed. The couple managed to get indoors quickly and up to their teenage daughter's room. They watched the "wolfmen" from the bedroom window and saw that two more had emerged from the woods - five now in total - were all looking up at them. The husband indicated that judging by their size they could have gotten into the house if they tried. They did not sleep that night and in the morning the creatures were gone but some footprints were left in the mud outside......

creepy creepy.....the woman who told the couple's story on the radio said she has no reason after her investigation that these people had any reason to lie about it. They were very frightened and shaken by the incident. Do you believe?

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