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Spa time again!

This afternoon lady__croft and I went to our fav spa to get facials. We tried the "Ayurvedic Marma" facial which involved a lovely relaxing facial with cleansing, steam, extractions (hate that part lol), mask and mini massage of neck area PLUS the placement of tuning forks on the body to help heal by cleansing blocked energy around the organs and to align the body.

I'm not sure if the forks did anything or not to be honest as I think this will take some time to notice and also imho might need more than one treatment.....I did feel sensitivity around where I ovulate when the esthetician placed the tuning fork there so I guess in that sense something did happen. We'll have to wait and see I guess...normally I respond very well to sound treatments as I've had a few in the past with sessions for aligning the chakras, - the a energy centres of the body. Usually though I can feel the vibrations throughout my body which I did not this time round....not sure if that means anything or not!

It was relaxing though but I still love P+S's Ohm an Urban Renewal facials the best so far though! We are considering getting the new Chi facial which involves Chi Nei Tseng (I posted on a lecture I went to for this branch of TCM). The interesting thing here is that it mentions dark circles and puffy eyes and how those are caused by under-functioning kidney's and wrinkles in inner corners of the eyes are a result of poor functioning endocrine system and pancreas. After I finally see the endocrine specialist next week (took 4 months for an appointment after the referral from my doctor *rolls eyes*) I'll know better if CNT will benefit me or not.
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