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Got to ride the new TTC Train \o/

Today started off rather annoying but turned quite satisfactory in the end. On my way home I took public transit as the person whom I get a drive home from is sick. I'm reading I am Number Four on my eReader while waiting on the platform and what pulls into the station....ONE OF THE NEW TTC TRAINS!!! As I look up when it pulls in I see the train and voice my pleasure out loud...and who do I also see in front of me at the doors waiting to get on it to? My boss....he looks at me and says 'hey new train'. When I get on I checked it out quickly (I saw the prototypes at the CNE when they were considering which model to implement - the configuration is now a bit different but there is TONS of room in much more compared to the old trains with the pole in the middle that blocks you from being able to get on and off during peak rush hours when the trains are choked full of people. The windows are bigger too as are the doorways....very spiff overall....the floor is particularly noteworthy in that it wasn't slippery like the older has a slightly spongy (best way to describe it) floor so that you're not sliding around and your feet can grip it well when the train suddenly stops or jerks. I loved brand spanking even smelled new too. So then I go back to my reading...effectively ignoring the Miranda Priestly of my world LOL...hence the satisfaction!
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