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Chi Nei Tsang

My favourite spa Pure+Simple hosted their 11th annual midnight madness sale today and lady__croft and I signed up for a complimentary lecture on Organ Detox. I was expecting a simple lecture featuring how to self massage your stomach but got something quite different and more in depth! The seminar was about a ancient branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine called Chi Nei Tsang a healing art developed by Toaists. It is indeed massage of the internal organ s but "using the understanding of the 45 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood to relieve mental, physical and emotional toxicity" leading to "health, well being, serenity, longevity and spiritual insight".

I'd never heard of Nei Tsang before. First the facilitator Khadro who teaches all over the world spoke to us of the 5 elements with a little quantum physics thrown in. She had many of us lie down on the massage table for a brief insight into our own well being. First she examines the belly button and how it is shaped to give clues to what organs are stress or imbalanced followed by work and/or massage on certain areas of the stomach. In addition Khadro asks some simple questions which results in various things depending on the person. She does NOT treat diseases directly but she does through stimulation of the organs allow the 'client' to begin to subconsciously get the root of their emotional distress and thus begin to heal the body itself.

One woman who took the table Khadro pointed out how deep this woman's belly button was and how the nerves were pressing on the spine and asked if the woman experienced any back pain to which she received a resounding yes. This same woman sh noticed the belly button stretched down towards her uterus and asked if she had any problems with it but the woman replied no and no doctor has told her anything. Khadro then told the woman her uterus was tilted to her left side and if the woman experienced any hip pain in the left side. Woman said yes all the time. Khadro told her that this is because of her uterus and to get a doctor to look at it specifically.

Another man (the only one in the group) said he had problems sleeping and his mind didn't shut off but he did come up with solutions to his problems while sleeping. She said his belly button pointed to the 'wood' element which affects the liver and gallbladder and it also pointed to his 'metal' element which affects the pancreas and spleen. His CHI was pinging back and forth between the two instead of making a proper chi circute through all the elements. She pressed on his liver area and then asked him about his sleeping. After a few questions she pressed into his right side near the appendix saying this is where in TCM is related to the subconscious. As she pressed gently into these for a few minutes she lifted her hand saying he is starting to detox and showed us the hand she had near the appendix was dry but to notice how the other hand she had on his liver area had a sheen to it....we were flabbergasted.

Just a totally cool lecture overall. The stuff shown to us was fascinating as Mr Spock would say!

In case you're wondering...yes I did go on the table but I am not willing to discuss this will the public. I think I might need to get me some sessions with Khadro when she's in town!
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