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Mystery solved

When I get home during the week after work I often flip on the TV to see what's on in the evening...and the last 2 days I noticed something peculiar...when I leave in the am I have BT on which is on City TV channel 519 but when I get home the channel is on 281 Space Network....I racked my brain to figure out if I had changed the channel before I left the first time it happened and chalked it up to possibly sitting on the remote or something like that but when it happened for a second day in a row I was wondering if someone or something was watching my tv during the day because I knew for a fact that I hadn't changed the channel so I mentioned it to lady__croft and she starts laughing as I implied possibly someone or something maybe paranormal was going on. She then reveals to me she's been DVRing BBCs Merlin which is on Space in the afternoon. *head desk* Mystery solved.

Ya sometimes there is a logical explanations for things...
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