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Old Navy and Apple Store

Weekend was fun....went shopping at the a couple of wraps at Old Navy and did some browsing around Indigo and WBB bookstores and bought scrub (ya I know I didn't make my own this time) at H2O and also hit the Apple Store to have them look at my ipod that lady__croft got me for Xmas and only set up in July (ya I know don't say it) but it wasn't holding a charge and so I had them run diagnostics on it and they basically did the tests and gave me a new/refurbished one. Now I have to go and add all my music back on....I did charge it when I got home and it had the little fully charged symbol where as the original that symbol never showed and thus truly was defective.

Must figure out playlists long weekend ahead fillled with lots of music and song decisions!!!
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