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Falling Skies tv series

So I've been watching this show on SuperChannel called Falling Skies produced by Steven Spielberg. It’s about the aftermath of an alien invasion of Earth and picks up six months after the attack. The show focuses on 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment - a resistant group made up of what is left of military fighters and civilians in the Boston area - how they deal with what has happened and the fight to take back the planet from the occupying aliens. Not all is what it seems and there are plot twists that have me on the edge of my seat from the episodes I’ve seen. The producers want to keep you guessing as to who the aliens are and what their real agenda is. I love how they focus on the resistant group’s effort and we are not privy to what the aliens are up the survivors of the post invasion learn Intel so does the audience. Makes you wonder what you would do and how you would react in a similar circumstance....I'd so be kicking ass..I my dreams where I'm fighting aliens as leader of the rebel forces (common dream theme for me *shrugs*) suddenly have come to the tv screen (well not exactly as it happens in my dreams cuz mine are a little bizarre but you get the picture).... The creepiest part for me isn’t the freakish aliens it’s the mechanical thing called a Mech….the distinct sound these machines make is srsly ominous and as they move the ground litteraly shakes! The show has gotten better and better with each episode so give it some time if you don't immediately like it. It’s my fav show of the summer!

Cool characters are (not in any order):
Tom Mason a history profession and second in command of the regiment
Anne Glass, regiment’s doctor but was a paediatrician before the invasion
Matt Mason, Tom's youngest son and just an adorable kid
Ben Mason, Tom’s middle son who was taken by the aliens in the initial attack, harnessed (something done to all the captured kids to do the aliens bidding) but was rescued half way through the series
Jimmy Boland, young teenager fighter who you can't help but like. He takes bravery to a whole new level!
Margaret, escaped from bandits who forced her to do their bidding now kick ass fighter you want on your side (wish they'd show more of her)
John Pope, all around highly intelligent bad guy trouble maker who is the regiment's prisoner but is somehow likeable (plus he has good hair)

Best of all the networks have picked the show up for a second season \o/
Watch the official Trailer here….

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