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CNE and The Doors!

Spent a fabulous day at the CNE....we go every year and it's fabulous. Spending time with lady__croft and lots and lots of shopping! Yes I think this year was my 'retail therapy' year. I got some stiff stuff....a winter wool hat from Ecuador, a Labradorite pendant (as if I could resist crystal jewelry - which is now 'en vogue'! I'm so 10 years ahead of fashion lol), a cool pair of tie-dye yoga pants (so comfy I HAVE to go back for more), a summer tie-dye hat from the same place, a purple leather handbag (deal people it matches my wallet) I needed a dress purse, and a fabulous aqua belly dance scarf with silver beads (most come with gold but I prefer the silver) and that's about it. I was also able to find fairly healthy meals at the food building so ya for fish and chicken with salad. No junk food for me!

Saw some great shows too we missed the Spanish guitarist but did see the Belly dance troupe show and the best of all the Doorsmen a Doors tribute band who are almost as good as the real thing....oh good times my friends good times! I hope they do more shows downtown and soon as I'd love to see them again. There was a few girls dancing in front of the stage and one of them had the sixties dancing down pat but she couldn't have been more than in her 20's! It did rain with strong wind gusts and the umbrella at our table flew off and hit the side of the stage during the band's break. Good thing no one was hurt and after all the umbrellas were taken down. We stayed for both the first and second acts finally leaving at around 9:45pm.

A great day overall!
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