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eReader reward

Last Wednesday I got myself an Kobo Touch Blue eReader as reward for all my hard work with getting my health back on track - my naturopathic Doctor was impressed with my progress! I chose Kobo over Kindle and Sony because they don't restrict purchases for Canadian customers as they are Canadian and have much move books available than the other two. I recently read an article from the UK saying Kobo is the #1 place to purchase eBooks in the world and growing rapidly. Can't imagine wanting to buy an eBook only to be told sorry but you live in Canada therefore it's not available to Kindle does and neither offer the selection that Kobo does. Doing your research does pay peoples!

So this weekend I set up my loving the fact it so much lighter to carry but in all honesty there will always be paper books on my home library shelves just saying. First book I ordered was Forgive My Fins a YA novel by Tera Lynn Childs. The paperback is not available in the books stores here and must be special ordered so here's where the eReader comes in oh so handy....instant download! Now to figure out what other eBooks I want to buy (or don't want in paperback as the case may be) many choices!

I promise that at some point I will upload the photos from my vacation to Ottawa...I haven't had the time to sit down at the computer to do a proper post lately so I'm hoping to do it fairly soon. I miss Ottawa....would move there if I could find a job and if my French was fluent lol which it is not btw.
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