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My arms are itching like crazy today due to sun allergy. We had a fire drill at the office and were outside in the blazing sun for about 15 mins this morning. I hadn't put my sunscreen yet so I pay the price now. Must remember to put on sunscreen BEFORE I got into the office. And why am I so hungry these last 2 days? Feeling a little queasy from eating some salsa + tortilla, then a teaspoon of coconut butter and finally a pickle a mere 10 minutes ago....ya I know wtf was I thinking....I wasn't I was just starving and my mind went on autopilot at the first things I saw....idk. At least my wicked migraine from this afternoon is settling down to a dull ache.

Yesterday amdisa came into town to have lunch....great to be able eat lunch with her at the office like old times even if it was only for a day lol. I miss when we worked in the same building a few years ago. She met my regular crazy lunch crew minus a couple of people who come and I had to laugh at her comments about the statute that greets you as you get off the elevator....kinda wigged her out....LOL. She kept looking around for the ghosts who inhabit the building but none came to say hello to her....I'm sure she was relieved though in the end.

Had 2 weird dreams last was that people I knew and thought supported me hated my writing because they thought my character bios were chapters and they made fun of me behind my back...accidentally heard a bunch of them talking...idk. The second I was a gypsy and had brought some cloth for a woman who was a witch to see and she liked them and I was to make them into veils she could wear and to come back when I was finished. I went out a back door and accidentally let it close and it locked. I was behind some type of machines in an ally and I hid when I heard someone coming as the witch didn't want people to see me coming to her. There were 2 men and one I knew and the other I didn't. I crouched down to make sure one of the men didn't see as I couldn't get back inside the door. The man I didn't know finally left while the one I did know knew I was hiding and asked if I was alright to which I replied yes. I remember thinking it was very nice of him to be concerned about me. He left then I hurried away too.

As I said....WEIRD.
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